Thursday, November 24, 2022

We Gather Together... by Liz Flaherty

Good Thanksgiving morning! 

As I said Saturday, the Window is going to be open with a new post every day between now and New Year's Eve. Some of my favorite people will be here to talk, mostly about the holidays. Some of the posts will be funny and some poignant. I hope you come every day and that you enjoy them all. I hope you comment, too--that is like a little gift to the writer every time it happens. 

I'll be back on Saturdays after the first of the year. Save my place for me, okay?

My latest book The Summer of Sorrow and Dance, is out in paperback now. I'm probably more excited about that than is reasonable, but you've seen me that way before, right? I don't have author copies yet, but will soon. Until then, the book is available on Amazon at the link above.

I'm wishing you the happiest holiday season ever. I hope you get family time, friends time, and moments of pleasure that scatter like starlight to fill your days. I hope you "gather together," as the hymn says. 

Navi Vernon will open the Window tomorrow to kick off our Window Holiday Celebrations. Thank you for joining us!

Have a great week. Be nice to somebody.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to Liz & all who come to the window!

    1. Thanks, Deb! I hope you & your family have had a wonderful day!

  2. I try to embrace the Christmas chaos, though with grown kids and no grandchildren it’s not too wild here. We’re starting new traditions and having fun with it all!

    1. I know. I miss the chaos, although I still love the quieter version we have now.