Thursday, October 22, 2015

So how does it feel?

Okay, no one has asked me that since the news came out yesterday and we started broadcasting it far and wide like farmers on the prairie. A Heartwarming Christmas is on the USA Today Bestsellers list this week. Duane has made jokes about different avenues we can take to accommodate my enlarged head, but no one's really said, How does it feel?

I'm sure I could, if I worked at it, be very blase about the whole thing. I could throw out the caveats and say it's a boxed set, there are 12 authors involved, the book was inexpensive. Yes, I could do that.

But I won't. Because it is one of those wonderful things that you put in the keeper pocket in your heart and have forever. Not that you'll stay on the list or that it will bring world peace or change anything. There are still dishes to wash, laundry to do, and here in the Midwest, ladybugs to sweep up. I am no different this morning than I was last night. I'm still going to help with weekend meal backpacks for kids this morning and volunteer at the hospital this afternoon. I will still look awful in my pink jacket.

But I'll always have the keeper pocket and it's a little fuller now. I hope yours is, too. Have a great day!