Tuesday, April 16, 2019

"Drink the wild air." by Liz Flaherty

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink 

the wild air.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Regardless of the fact that there was snow on the cars when I came out to the office this morning--I'm writing this on Monday--it is spring. I’m wearing capris (and a sweatshirt) and the grass is bright green and growing so fast I think I can see it happening.

I can’t really say spring is my favorite season. Its historically hysterical weather keeps that from being the case. I spend as much time fighting my way out of the moods the gloom puts me in as I do celebrating the sunshine and birdsong and things growing.

But there are things. So many things.

Like this one.

Connor Wilson and beautiful Alia Mathias

And this one. I took it a couple of weeks ago when I talked myself into believing the green really was starting to peek out. Can you see it or is it just me?
And down the road...
Spring on the Nickel Plate Trail
Or these guys, who played in a band together in high school. See the one in the blue shirt? I met him in spring, married him two springs later. This is our 48th one. Or 49th--I always have trouble figuring that up.
Dennis See, Duane Flaherty, Brad Ferguson, Lanny Bell
And this.
Me in 1968. I know--it's awful.
And, oh, yes, these.
"Trio" by Elena G

And most of all, this one.
I've written about baseball ever since my kids played it. It's not my favorite sport, but there's definitely something about youth leagues. Something about those baggy pants and big helmets and the looks on those faces. 

It's always been said that pictures are worth 1000 words--those are my 1000 for today. Have a great week--and a great spring, regardless of hysterical weather!