Tuesday, June 12, 2018

...most ordinary men...

"Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song." - Pam Brown

I invited people to share father stories with us here at the Window to celebrate Father's Day. Happily, there were too many stories for one day, so I'm going to have posts each day until we're done. I have a few of my own to share. If you have more to add, please send them to me or just add them in comments. To all the dads and everyone else who does their jobs--a lot of moms!--thank you and Happy Father's Day!

Thadd Flaherty
My father-in-law's birthday was two days before our wedding anniversary. One of the last things he said to me before he passed away in 1991 was that I was the  best birthday present he ever had. Dad was always a charmer. I can't say we always got along splendidly--we disagreed on virtually everything--but he charmed me every day. I still miss him. - Liz Flaherty

Dale DeRozier
Whomp...whomp...whomp... What is that? Whomp..whomp... I'm trying to sleep.
Whomp...whomp... It's so early. I can't be mad because people are out. Whomp..whomp..... It sounds so...happy. I'm smiling... Whomp....whomp.
Dale and Joe DeRozier
My dad used to play basketball with me in all weather. Cold northern Wisconsin mornings... below 0ยบ. Snow. We had 3 basketballs. When it's really cold, the ball will freeze and not bounce. I would run inside, grab a fresh ball that was sitting on the heat vent, and we'd keep playing... Whomp...whomp.
It would be dark....Dad and I would still shoot. Hook shot from the free throw line while looking at the garage. I can't see the hoop, but it sounds like it went in....your shot, Dad. Whomp..whomp.... It's pouring rain. Mom is mad because we look silly. I can't look up at the basket because of the water. Dad is drenched. His glasses look like an unwiped windshield...he's laughing Whomp..whomp... One more shot, Joe Joe. Then we have to go in...but you have to make it! Whomp...whomp...
I miss my dad.... I'm glad I can hear Mr. Dawalt playing with his grandson.. Whomp.....whomp............ – Joe DeRozier
William, Shirley, Don, & Deloris DeWald

My dad left this world 55 years ago. Way too soon. I miss him and I think of him often. 
He was a farmer and he was there at home all the time. I am so thankful for the 17 years I had with him. I started helping him when I was a kid just like all farm kids did years ago. We had time together doing the morning and evening milking.
He taught me to hunt and fish. He played ball with me and we went to games together. He taught me a good work ethic. He taught me to believe in myself.
I liked to hear his life stories about growing up on the farm and farming with horses. It was the same farm where I grew up. That always made it extra special. He also had sermons about life and appreciating every day.
In the summer after he woke me up he would go out on the back steps and drop his shoes on the steps and sit down. That sound was my signal to hit the floor and get moving. That was the case on his last day at home. We were getting ready to bale hay that day and it was hot. He had a heart attack that morning. Before mom took him to the hospital he called me over to the car and said, "I will be back in a few days." The next morning he had a fatal heart attack and died.
When I think about him I think about how he lived and not how he died. I wish we could have just one more day and he could see me now. But I am so thankful for the time that we had and all the happy memories. – Don DeWald

Theron (Buck) Comer
Theron (Buck) Comer

My dad was in charge of a POW camp during World War II for a short time. He had this German officer who was being a real pain. So he made him stand on one of those big vegetable cans at the gate and salute all the privates and such that were coming in the camp. He was punishing him like a child. - Beth Comer Jones

Herb Everett

One of the best things I learned from my dad was how to avoid boredom. When I'd complain there was nothing to do, my dad would give me three suggestions. Two ideas were always fun things he knew I'd enjoy, like ride my bike or read a book. But the third idea was always a chore, like clean the bathroom or iron some clothes. I learned to choose quickly and with no complaint, or else dad chose for me. Dad passed away a few years ago but he taught me well! - Peggy Emard

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  1. Thanks to everyone who's sharing memories of their fathers with us. It's been such pleasure reading them, and I've been hearing a thumping basketball in my heart for days now!