Notes from North Central Nowhere
Volume 3 – Issue 1 – Sometime in early 2018
A newsletter by author USA Today Bestselling Author Liz Flaherty because someone told her it was time.

You will note, although I'd just as soon you didn't, that I skipped 2017 altogether. In truth, there was much about 2017 I'd love to have skipped. But not everything. Not even close.

In the first place, there was this:

which was lovely because I got to work with my Heartwarming sisters again. It includes this:

which is the story of Dallas, Christmas Town's librarian and Shea Nolan. It was fun to write and the whole box set is fun to read.

That happened in October--it's still available, by the way--and then in December, this happened.

The Happiness Pact is one of my favorite books, with Libby and Tuck being two of my favorite protagonists and Lake Miniagua being one of my favorite...never mind, you get the picture. However, I do love this story. It has some laughs in it, some tears, and I hope some empathy. If you read it, let me know!

I've done a slew of giveaways with this book, and the jury's still out on how I feel about it. Writers do giveaways for several reasons--to get their names out there, to find new readers, because they're fun, and to garner reviews, to name a few. Truth to tell, I don't know how I'm doing, but here's the newest giveaway. I hope you enter, win, and send a glowing review to everywhere that accepts them.

Oh, maybe that's pushing things a bit.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Happiness Pact by Liz Flaherty

The Happiness Pact

by Liz Flaherty

Giveaway ends January 15, 2018.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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  1. Liz! Love the opportunity to read you - and about you - here. This will be wonderful. Please sign me up to receive this as regularly as you can produce it.

  2. Thanks for the post, Liz. I always love to hear about what's new with you!

  3. Love this. Sign me up too! And then you can tell me how to do a newsletter.

  4. Great first attempt at a newsletter!

  5. This newsletter is so "you" all the way through and I just love that you have a contest and have not decided a prize yet. Full force ahead and catch the details later works for me. lol

  6. Hey, Liz, I like your north central nowhere or whatever! My Mom was from North Little Rock, not exactly a hot spot, either, in the 1930's but when my Dad (during the depression) moved them to a tiny town on the Mexican border, Del Rio, TX, my Mom liked to call it: "the jumping off place." Well, that was my birthplace and home for my first 18 years, so I can definitely relate. LOL Oh, and good luck with your newsletter. Hubby is bugging me to send mine out for my "Tempt Fortune" sale right now.

  7. Great first Newsletter! I have to admit my own fizzled out some time ago when I ran out of things to say that wouldn't be terribly boring! I don't quite live in the middle of nowhere but I would love to - I'm so not a city person, and love the peace and tranquility of the countryside. Best of luck with your future newsletters!

  8. Did great for your first Newsletter, Liz. Congratulations! Hope you have the best of holidays in Nowhere!

  9. I am so impressed that you have this up and running, Liz. Maybe you can teach me how...guess I'll need to stand in line for that one! Anyway, congratulations. Looking forward to seeing more. I always enjoy your wit and wisdom.

  10. Good job on your first one. Hope it takes off for you.

  11. I love your books. I am so happy to be able to read your "newsletter."